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Claro Non-ACA
Health Products

Offer your clients affordable medical expense plans to all client types, including those with no legal immigration status. Selling NON-ACA health products is a great way for Medicare insurance agents and health insurance brokers to boost their sales and diversifying their portfolio.

What we offer:

Aggressive Monthly compensation:

Non-ACA products can pay up to 3xs more than ACA pays.

The ability to offer your clients:

Who don’t qualify for a subsidy, similar yet more affordable benefits to that of ACA plans.

Why you should be selling Non-ACA health products:

Through shared medical expense plans, you have the power to offer your clients everyday benefits that regular, short-term insurance typically doesn’t cover, such as maternity and preventative services.

Sell plans that are convenient:

And offer nationwide access to a network of healthcare providers.

Current Achievements

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On average, Non-ACA plans cost 20% less than ACA plans
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On average, Non-ACA plans cost 20% less than ACA plans
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