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Become a Claro Agent in just 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Submit a contact request form.

Step 2

An account executive will get in contact with you to onboard and evaluate your book of business, to assist in capitalizing on upcoming opportunities.

Step 3

Start earning MORE money!

Preferred method of contact:

Have an account executive contact me

Schedule a call

I’ll contact an agent now

Claro facts you should know about:

Claro agents sold over 15k health policies in 2019 alone.

Claro has been in business since 2015, and since then has expanded to multiple states and enlisted thousands of agents.

Claro agents were some of the highest producing in the State of Florida for ACA business last year.


How long does it take to get contracted with Claro?

It can take as little as 3 days to get signed with Claro. Our dedicated staff works diligently to get your contract processed as soon as possible.

How often are commissions paid out to agents?

We pay commissions monthly; We provide an annual payout calendar to agents that indicate when they will get paid each month.

What is the commission structure for agents?

Our commission structure is designed for agents to make more money per sale. We have compensation incentives that allow you to reach new levels of production and make more money per member. Our goal is to put more money back in our agent’s pockets, placing them in a position to succeed.

What are the benefits of signing with Claro compared to another firm?

One unique benefit that Claro offers agents is the ability to work with their very own personal account executive, that assists with approval processes, facilitates marketing resources, provides hands-on training, and acts as an advocate for all your agency needs.


Another unique benefit that Claro offers that most agencies do not is our Marketing Tools feature. We support agents by providing them with exclusive content to promote and advertise their business on their social media channels.

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