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Your clients have more needs than just health insurance and are bound to purchase supplemental insurance coverage. Ensure that they purchase it from you and not someone else! Dental, accidental, and hospitalization insurance can potentially double your sales as an independent insurance sales agent.


Diversify your portfolio, earn higher commissions, and provide your clients with essential supplemental insurance solutions.


Earn higher commissions

Through competitive commission while tapping into a new market and client base looking to purchase necessary dental coverage. Offer your clients a wide variety of individual and family dental coverage plans that fit their needs and budget as well as the convenience of an extensive nationwide provider network. Provide your clients with Dental Plans from top carriers and get paid TOP commissions, which offer coverage options for preventive/diagnostic, basic and major restorative services, and more at affordable premiums.


Commission that is 3x or MORE than regular health insurance

Agents selling Accident policies benefit from commission’s that pay 3x or MORE than regular health insurance. Accident policies complement your client’s existing health insurance to help provide extra financial security and cash to cover unexpected expenses from accidents such as emergency room costs, diagnostics, hospitalization, and treatments. Affordable plans are offered to fit your client’s budget and needs.


Coverage that is convenient and affordable

Offer your clients in-demand hospitalization coverage, which can double your income thanks to the aggressive commission’s structure. Hospitalization insurance benefits are paid directly to your client for each day of medically necessary hospital confinement of the insured person due to a covered sickness or injury. Hospitalization Insurance also covers your insured clients to ease their out-of-pocket hospital expenses. Sign your clients up the same day with no medical History or prescription checks. Affordable coverage starts at $7.63 per month.

At Claro, we pride ourselves on being partnered with all major carriers. Some of our partners include:

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