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4 Ways Health and Life Insurance Agents Can Grow Their Book Of Business

Retention, retention, retention!

When you think in terms of growth you must also think in terms of retention. Retaining your current and past clients is equally as important as obtaining new ones. Not to mention that acquiring new clients can cost upwards of 5x the cost of retaining a past client. Leveraging your current clients can be the secret weapon to growing your book of business in more ways than one.


Cross-selling is an ideal way of not only increasing sales and expanding your portfolio but also increasing your book of business as you are maximizing your worth to your clients while at the same time building your relationship with them. Improving your relationship with your clients can later become an active referral source. This leads us to our next point.


The best and most organic way to grow your business is through referrals and word of mouth. Consumers are heavily influenced by positive word of mouth and reviews. Because of this, encouraging your clients to refer a friend or to leave you a positive review on a digital platform is a great way to ensure a strong foundation for new and returning customers.


Attending industry events and fairs is also a crucial aspect of growing your overall customer network. This is key for meeting potential new clients face-to-face. Attending Insurance industry events and conferences is a great way to network with your peers and colleagues, learn about industry changes and updates that might benefit your business and your clients.

Overall, as a health or life insurance broker or independent agent, growing your book of business should be top priority to ensure a consistent growth in sales. At Claro, helping our independent insurance agents and brokers expand their clientele is one of our principal priorities. Contact your account executive to help you market and expand your health and life insurance sales: 1-800-806-2527

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